Calvaresi Vizsla Ridge Kennel 

      Rhodesian Ridgeback, known for keeping lions at bay for their hunter companions, are quiet gentle giants. The Ridgeback has both keen sight and a good nose, characteristics generally associated with hounds. The Ridgeback has a quiet, gentle temperament and rarely barks for no reason.  Intelligent and devoted, these dogs truely love being around people. Like the Vizsla ,Rhodesian Ridgebacks require firm and consistent  discipline beginning in the puppy stages.     
 All Rhodesian ridgeback are hips and elbows OFA,thyroid,eyes, heart, all tested, clear of DS and the deafness gene by DNA.Any other medical questions, please call. Tom 610- 207-0280
    Presently we have 2 excellent  Dams from very good blood lines with great tempurments, and great ridges. The puppies will
 be Sired by our AKC champion Vincent.   If interested ,please call for puppy due dates and be put on the puppy list! 610-207-0280 .Thank You

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